Online Lessons

As everything in our lives have changed, it is still possible to begin and explore music together! Online lessons are a terrific option for everyone that can be completed from anywhere.

Online lessons are currently being offered for voice, strings, winds, brass, and piano. If you are interested in other instruments, contact us and we will work with you to set it up.

Contact us to set up a trial online lesson!

What You Need

A consistent internet connection.

A device capable of video and audio recording: smartphones, tablets, or computers all work.

We can use multiple video conferencing programs to best fit you: Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts, Google Meet, Facetime, and Microsoft Teams.

Tips for Online Lessons

  • Use an ethernet cable instead of relying on Wifi
  • Move the Wifi router to be visible from where your computer is located
  • Try using Clean Feed (free online service) to improve audio quality
  • Use a USB microphone instead of using the built-in microphones
  • Make sure your device’s memory is not full

Start your musical journey today!

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